Tranquil Soul

A slow and deep aromatherapy massage to calm even the agitaded minds.

30 m 45€

55 m 75€

85 m 90€

More Energy

Recover your energy with na invigorating sports massage, with eucaliptos, rosemary and canphor essential oils, ideal to prepare the body for all battles!

30 m 50€

55 m 80€

85 m 95€

Nice Waves

Before going to the see, prepare yourself on land ( or vice versa) with our surfers recover massage. Dinamic strechtings, plants essential oils and pure marine magnesium will perform miracles for you body, mind and spirit.

75 m 85€


Special care more than deserved for the future mummy, release all the tension with a relaxing massage to the back, feel the lightness with a draining massage to the legs, and glow with a hydrating facial.

75 m 80€

Clays World (Vichy Shower specials)

We´ve alied the medicinal properties of clays and muds, so important on this region, to the relaxing benefits of a warm water jets massage (Vichy Shower).

45 m 70€

Nature´s Simphony (Body Exfoliations)

A mixture of the purest ingredientes, coming directly from azorian´s nature to your body.
– Marine Sea salt, Green Tea and essential oils
– Sugar, pineapple or passionfruit and essential oils.

30 m 50€