The best aesthetics treatments and clinical specialities available and personalized for you, add value to Spa and Fitness offer, making your wellbeing perfect.

Anti Ageing Facial Care

Antiageing Facial

Ideal to fight against fine lines and wrinkles, its active ingredientes stimulate collagen synthesis, making your skin more hydrated and healthy. Alow yourself to be younger.

60 min 90 €

With transdermic mesotherapy  90 min 125€ 

Ultimate Botox Facial

A powerful treatment with Argireline (natural botox) to fight premature aging, providing an immediate lifting and rejuvenating effect.

60 min 110 €

With transdermic mesotherapy  90 min 145€ 

Body Care

Anti-Cellulite Treatment

With a high concentration of active ingredientes, this body treatment helps to reduce fat tissue, improving the metabolism and blood circulation, outcome: lighter and defined silhouette.

60 min 95 €

With transdermic mesotherapy  90 min 130€ 

Body Lifting Treatment

Complete treatment to stimulate the firmness of the skin, restauring is tom, elasticity and texture. Perfect combination after weight loss, or anti-cellulite treatment to prevent flaccidity and tone those zones that lost fat volume. 

60 min 85 €

With transdermic mesotherapy  90 min 120€ 

Derma Shaping Treatment

Offering the best results to reduce body fat na improving blood circulation, this treatment uses a specific instrument to perform a toning massage, at the same time reduces strecht marks appearence.

60 min 100 €

With transdermic mesotherapy  90 min 135€ 

Linfatic Drainage (Pressotherapy)

Ideal to promote a good blood and linfatic  circulation, pressotherapy equipment can be used as a single body treatment or as complement for any massage or easthetic care.

30 min 40 €