Ribeira Grande

The Ribeira Grande city is located on the north coast of the Azores’s green island, São Miguel. Its population dates from the XV mid century. Nowadays, it’s one of the most dynamic counties of the São Miguel island, either for its festivities and for the variaty of touristic offer that provides.

Get to know this countie through our walking trails that go from the line of the rocky shore to unique and relaxing landscapes, highlighting our unique tea plantations in Europe. Adventure yourself in the discover of the interior of a fire volcano that is home for the majestic Lagoa do Fogo. Thereafter, take a rest getting involved in a bath of railway waters in the fantastic Monumento Natural da Caldeira Velha. All our sea hugs and wraps this beautiful island, wonderful scenery, either by the presence of dolphins and whales but also by the contemplation of the craft fishing boats. We can’t stop to recommend a bath on the volcanic sand beaches aswell as recreational diving.

Our gastronomy is genuinely typical, in each confection we praise the best of our seas, fields and farms. We make food with passion, spice and fire.

Historical city, alive, that offers you the possibility of envolving yourself into a unforgettable trip of knowledge and unrivaled experiences.

We wait for you!