Water savings

- Collection and use of river water for irrigation;
- Collection, treatment and use of river water for use in toilets;
- Flow Reduction/Flow Reducer on all taps;
- Restaurant does not use tablecloths, which translates into huge savings in energy and water;
-Bed linen is changed at the client's request.

Energy saving

Use of solar panels to heat water and to produce all the electricity that is used by the hotel;
- Use of LED lamps throughout the Hotel;
- Efficient air conditioning management system;
- Double glazed windows;
- Terrace with thermal insulation;
- Mini bars with energy savings;
- Minimum stock of frozen products, reducing as much as possible the number of freezers;
- Motion detection lighting in some areas of the hotel;

Waste reduction

- Selective collection of waste;
- Use of recycled ink cartridges;
- Use of recycled paper;
- All data and processes are performed by computer, thus eliminating its use/printing on paper;
- Automatic detergent dispenser system for washing machines and kitchens;
- Amenties in dispenser, to the detriment of small individual amenities;
- Practice of composting organic waste;